Original Xiaomi HIMO C20 10AH Electric Bicycle 250W Motor

One of the best way to reach your goals in city without traffic jams: Original Xiaomi HIMO C20 10AH Electric Bicycle 250W Motor – Gray Poland.

Main Features

  • HIMO C20 has a patented structural with an integrated design. It has passed the high-level NC processing technology and 3C certification. With a 20 Inch lightweight frame, high quality and stability.
  • Three Switchable Riding Mode
  • HIMO C20 has both electric power and human power support, three riding modes. The pure electric mode meets daily commuting, and manpower or electric assist riding can make you enjoy a pleasant ride.
  • Shimano Variable Speed Drive
  • HIMO C20 features a 6-speed Shimano shifting system that adjusts the riding speed by adjusting the size of the front and rear sprocket wheels. With a 250W DC brushless motor, you can get a powerful power output for cycling.
  • Hidden Inflator Pump
  • Inflatable tires have low resistance and strong grip.The portable pump is hidden in the tube of the saddle and can be used for easy air pumping.
  • 80KM Electric Moped Mileage
  • 18650 lithium battery, 10Ah power brings a long-lasting energy output up to 80km electric moped mileage. The 2.5kg battery pack is perfectly hidden in the main beam of the frame. The pull-out design is flexible to charging.
  • Specification
  • Brand: Xiaomi HIMO
  • Type: Electric moped bicycle
  • Model: C20
  • Color: Gray
  • Front and Rear Wheel Center Distance: 960mm
  • Maximum Design Speed: 23.7km/h
  • Electric Moped Continuous Sailing Mileage: ≥80km
  • Only Electric Continuous Sailing Mileage: ≈50km
  • 100 km Power Consumption: 0.72kw·h / 100km
  • Load Capacity: ≈100kg
  • Battery Type: lithium ion battery
  • Battery Capacity: 10AH
  • Battery Voltage: 36V
  • Undervoltage Protection: 31V
  • Overcurrent Protection: 15A
  • Weight & Size
  • Product Weight: 21.1kg
  • Package Weight: 21.5kg
  • Product Size(L x W x H):1470×610×1060mm
  • Package Size(L x W x H):1540320780mm
  • Package Contents
  • 1 x Xiaomi HIMO C20 Electric Moped Bicycle
  • 1 x Instruction

Coolest Features Excluded by BOPROFIT.com

  • Full charged 80 km range!
  • Charcging time just 6 hours!
  • Energy conversation rate 85%!
  • Charging times: more than 500! It means that you will beat more than 4000 kilometers!

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10 Ways Why You need to use Air Purifer

Alfawise P2 HEPA Smart Air Purifier

When you are working from home, you need to be sure that you are breathing clear air. The best way to ensure clear air is to use Smart Air Purifier – Alfawise P2 HEPA. You can get it by clicking HERE.

The best way to ensure clear air is to use Smart Air Purifier -  Alfawise P2 HEPA. BOProfit.com
Alfawise P2 HEPA Smart Air Purifier

Breathe Fresh Air All The Time
Advanced technological know-how and media are used in the Alfawise P2 air purifier, it offers smooth and secure air to you. The main feature of it is to dispose of particulate remember in the air, along with allergens and indoor PM2.5, and to clear up the trouble of air air pollution prompted via risky organic compounds due to decoration or other reasons. Very appropriate for newly renovated properties for the elderly, children, pregnant women, newborns, or human beings with asthma, allergic rhinitis and pollen allergies.

Alfawise P2 HEPA Smart Air Purifier Air Quality Monitor 3 Wind Speeds Touch Screen Low Noise 110m³/h CADR 3-layer Filter System – White Air Monitor Version

Alfawise P2 HEPA Smart Air Purifier

Main Features

  • Air Quality Monitor: the air purifier can monitor the air quality through changing the breathing light, green means the air is good, yellow is moderate, and red is unhealthy.
  • 3-layer filter system: primary filter + H11 HEPA filter + Activated carbon, very effectively to remove the pollutant in the air.
  • Touch screen panel: very convenient to operate and read the status of the air purifier.
  • 3 wind speeds: Auto/high/low grade for your choice to meet your different needs.
  • Timer: 2h/4h/8h.
  • Light adjustment: soft and normal light mode makes you comfortable to read it day and night.
  • 15-20㎡ purification area: perfect for bedroom, baby room, living room and study etc.
  • Super purification capacity: 99.97% pollutant removal rate + 110m³/h CADR.
  • Noise reduction motor: provides a cozy and quiet sleep environment for you at night. 35W rated power, 0.84 KWH daily consumption.
  • Winner of IF Design Award 2019

Alfawise P2 HEPA Smart Air Purifier Air Quality Monitor 3 Wind Speeds Touch Screen Low Noise 110m³/h CADR 3-layer Filter System – White Air Monitor Version

Alfawise P2 HEPA Smart Air Purifier

10 Ways Why You need to use Air Purifer

You’re perfectly healthy

The hassle with airborne pollution is that we do not know exactly what impact they might also have in the lengthy term. Like cigarettes, lead and arsenic, government regulators have been sluggish to understand the wide-ranging results of airborne chemicals. In fact, only a quarter of the 82,000 chemical compounds in use in the U.S. have ever been examined for their outcomes on humans. As a result, an air cleaner is now just as essential as wholesome ingesting and clean water to a more healthy lifestyle.

You stay in a home, apartment, trailer or any enclosed space

The walls we use to shelter and protect us from the factors additionally trap airborne chemicals, gases, odor and particles. The EPA has located that our dwellings may also contain air that is 2 to 5 times, even a hundred instances greater polluted than out of doors air.

You have a new child or are pregnant

Preventing early chemical exposure is critical. Many researchers now accept as true with that sickness is an on-going process in the physique that may also take years to evolve from the earliest stage. Therefore a fetus or newborn uncovered to a cancer-causing toxin early-on will have an multiplied risk of creating a disorder later in lifestyles – simply because it will have greater time to evolve.

You have children

Your kid’s creating physique does not work like yours does. Their metabolisms are immature and can not constantly excrete chemical compounds as effectively as an adult, consequentially, they are extra prone to the effects of air pollution. Many youth additionally go through from allergic reactions and bronchial asthma which are aggravated and possibly prompted by airborne particles and chemicals.

Alfawise P2 HEPA Smart Air Purifier

You’re over the age of 60

Let’s face it our our bodies don’t work quite as efficiently as they used to. Having a regular go with the flow of smooth air is simply like consuming a balanced food regimen – it helps to hold a healthy, energetic life-style and promote longevity.

You love your modern-day conveniences

The irony is that many of the products we created to make our lives less complicated can also be slowly eroding our health. Dry cleaning, plastics, flame retardants, non-stick surfaces, stain resistant fabrics, pesticides, chemical cleansing products, non-public hygiene products, home equipment and lots more are all off-gassing chemical substances and poisonous dirt into our homes. So hold your TV and couch and purchase an air purifier.

You suffer from allergies

Allergies are not only aggravated by using airborne particles like dust, pollen and dander, however additionally by using airborne chemicals from cleansing products, ground and furniture. Only an air cleaner with pounds of activated carbon and HEPA filtration can get rid of 99.97% of airborne particles and dangerous airborne chemicals.

You suffer from asthma, or other respiratory problems

Because your respiratory machine is already compromised, an air cleaner is a must-have device in any therapy program. An air cleaner with a HEPA filter can lure 99.97% of all allergens, whilst a deep-bed carbon filter will get rid of airborne chemicals, gases and odors which may additionally also worsen or set off an attack.

You live near a essential street or industrial facility

Heavy visitors and manufacturing facility emissions generate risky first-rate particles which penetrate deep into the body. Research has proven that non permanent publicity to extended degrees of this type of pollution is associated with a greater danger of death from heart problems. Prolonged exposure really reduces general existence expectancy with the aid of 1.8 to 3.1 years.

You stay close to a woodland hearth zone or volcano

Both wooded area fires and energetic volcanoes (like these in Hawaii), create serious air high-quality issues that contain not solely fantastic particles, but chemicals, gases and odors as well. Only an air cleaner with pounds of activated carbon and HEPA filtration can offer the serious safety required for these unique kinds of airborne pollutants. two

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Alfawise P2 HEPA Smart Air Purifier

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 108MP Penta Camera Phone Global Version REVIEWS

Unveil the New Era of Mobile Photography


Comparable to professional photography equipment, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10’s penta-camera setup with 108-megapixel brings about amazing resolution and gives you an unprecedented, optimal shooting experience.

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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 108MP Penta Camera Phone Global Version

Main Features

●Penta-camera: 108MP primary camera + 20MP ultra wide angle camera + long telephoto lens + 12MP short telephoto (portrait) lens + macro lens.
● Dual soft light + dual flash: Take quality photos at any time.
● Super night mode: Illuminate even the darkest scenes and sharpen your images.
● 6.47-inch 3D curved AMOLED screen : Vibrant colors, masses of detail, and a comfortable grip.
● 5260mAh battery capacity: Say goodbye to quick power draining issue.
● Snapdragon 730G: Adreno 618 GPU and improved AI computing power.
●6GB+128GB: Large storage for smooth, seamless operation.
● Integrated fingerprint sensor: Unlock your phone instantly with one tap.
● In-box 30W fast charger: Charging takes 30 minutes for 58% and 65 minutes for the full 100%.
● NFC + infrared remote control Unlock a modern lifestyle.
● 1216 superlinear speaker + 3.5mm earphone jack certified by Hi-Res Audio. The sound is comparable to CD quality.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10’s penta-camera setup with 108-megapixel

Key Camera Specifications

108MP primary camera: 1/1.33 inch super sensor, 7P lens, ƒ/1.69, 4-axis OIS
12MP portrait camera: 2x optical zoom, 1.4μm, ƒ/2.0, Dual pixel autofocus
5MP telephoto camera: 10x hybrid zoom, 50x digital zoom, ƒ/2.0, OIS.
20MP ultra wide-angle camera: FOV 117°, ƒ/2.2.
2MP macro camera: 1.5cm super macro, 2-10cm AF macro shot, macro zoom shooting.
Dual flashes, Dual soft lights.
32MP selfie camera: 1.6 μm, 4-in-1 super pixel, f/2.0 aperture


Xiaomi Mi Note 10 108MP Penta Camera Phone Global Version – future mobile phone. Please share your reviews in comments. You can get this super phone for the best price by clicking HERE.


10 Tips For Getting Started With 3D Printing

Here the ten high-quality suggestions for getting commenced with 3D printing – whether or not it is your first time 3D printing or you need to brush up on the basics, this information will help you out!

Leveling the Bed and Z Offset

Nowadays, automated mattress leveling is a lot more common than it used to be, with several exceptional sensors or methods to stage the bed, however many printers still use guide leveling, which is totally great and nonetheless convenient to take care of. If it’s automatic, just follow the directions or wizards that your printer makes use of to level, but if it’s manual, here’s a proper technique to follow:

Three points outline a plane, but many printers still use four screws to stage the bed, with one at each corner. This can still work, it’s simply a little bit extra hard to get it perfect.

Tighten down all the screws at each corner, so you have ample room to loosen them later.

Home the Z axis. On some printers, Z0 can also be too far from the bed, even when all the screws are free and in that case, you’ll want to move the Z-minimum endstop just a tad lower.

Power down the printer or pick out “Release motors” or “Motors off.” Most printers have something to this effect inside the LCD menus, and all this does is permit you to cross the print head without having the motors locked in place.

Move the printhead over each screw that levels the bed, insert a piece of paper between the nozzle and the bed, and loosen the screw till there’s a very slight resistance when you pull on the paper. You don’t want it to be locked in there, just enough pressure to sense the drag when you cross the paper.

Repeat this for the different screws. You prefer to make positive each screw has an even strain as the ultimate one, due to the fact that’s what makes a degree bed.

Start a print with a skirt that covers the bed. If you notice the skirt has gaps between every pass, the mattress is too low and your print runs the danger of setting apart from the bed mid print. If the lines are totally squished collectively and you can’t clearly tell them apart, you may also have to beat the print with a hammer to get it off (figuratively of course, don’t do that).
Once you’ve obtained it leveled, it should continue to be leveled for a properly while, however each and every now and then you can also want to alter a screw just slightly to bring it lower back to level.

One of the best 3D printer machine – Ortur4 V2 10M PLA
  • Changing Filament

I used to think you should simply cast off filament from a cold nozzle like you would sell off an ink cartridge from a printer. Not so. You want to warmness up the nozzle to melt the filament that has shaped a plug, locking it into the tip of the nozzle.

Start through heating up your printer to the print temperature of the fabric that you have in it. If you’re making an attempt to remove PLA, set it to 200C or so, ABS at 230C etc.

Once it’s at temperature, launch the tension on the filament by urgent down on the lever, and push down on the filament slightly until it comes out the nozzle.

Once you see filament come out, gently pull on it to remove it.
This eliminates most of the filament, however there will probable be some leftover when you put in the new filament.

Insert the new filament, making positive it feeds precise thru the extruder and into the nozzle. If it’s a exceptional fabric than was once earlier loaded, then have the temperature set to whichever print temperature is higher.

Either manually push it through, or control the extruder from the menu to feed the filament through.

Once you see the new fabric come through cleanly (as in now not combined with the previous color, or flecks of burnt old fabric in it), then you’re all set!

  • Change a Nozzle

Sometimes you clog a nozzle and you’re in a time crunch or maybe you don’t care about floor quality, you just need big components fast, in either case, swapping out your nozzle for a distinctive sized one is a amazing answer to get things going for walks as you want.

We’ve mentioned this in a previous video, so if you desire a more in-depth appear at how to trade a nozzle, click here.
The gist of it is: heat up the warm end, use grips to hold the heater block, use a wrench to unscrew the nozzle, and reverse the steps with the new nozzle.

Nozzles come in a range of sizes, from small nozzles for precise prints to giant nozzles for quickly and strong prints. There are even nozzles designed for any abrasive material you can throw at it.

  • When to Use Support

Some fashions are unprintable except support, and others lose important features by means of consisting of them. It’s vital to be capable to identify when a mannequin fits within both of these categories to better your probabilities at a successful print.

  • Don’t use support

Just because a mannequin has overhangs, doesn’t suggest it wants support; the familiar rule is if the attitude is greater than forty five degrees, reflect onconsideration on adding support, however some models don’t follow that rule. Bridging, which is where there is a 90 degree overhang however it’s supported on either side, doesn’t usually want supports.
Cylindrical holes through the aspect of a model don’t usually want guide either, notwithstanding having sections of it at angles greater than 45 degrees. If you don’t have adequate layer cooling, you might word some drooping along the ceiling, however in any other case it will successfully print.

Internal points may also be filled in via helps and be not possible to remove. Take the Phoenix prosthetic hands, for example. These, and most other eNABLE hands, have inner channels to run elastic thread and fishing line thru it to move the hand. By the use of support, these would be stuffed and create vain prints.

  • Using Support

Most models will want some shape of support. This phase from the jet engine casing was printed barring assist on accident, and while it labored it is in reality not as tremendously as the different parts that were printed with support. If any phase of the mannequin juts out from the side of the mannequin like these attachment points, you will want to use support.

One of the best 3D printer machine – Ortur4 V2 10M PLA
  • Bed Adhesive

There are a number of one-of-a-kind methods to help prints stick to the bed, and all and sundry ends up discovering what their go-to is and stick with it.

PVA glue sticks are wonderful for PLA, Nylon, and TPU
Aquanet Hairspray is outstanding for ABS, but can also work for PLA and PETG Blue Painter’s Tape works properly for PLA and PETG, even if your bed is unheated Kapton Tape is a extraordinary all-purpose mattress adhesive, however works clearly well in tandem with hairspray
PEI holds onto prints when it’s warm and releases when it’s cool, alternatively PETG and TPU/TPE stick too well, so you’ll want to use glue stick to act as a release agent between the PEI and print.
BuildTak works genuinely nicely for almost all materials, and with a Flexplate you can get a accurate grip and an handy release.

  • Have the Right Tools

There are a variety of equipment that I have gathered over the years that at some point has come in on hand and necessary. I’ve geared up these all on my Spool Tool, which you can locate here, however to start off there are a couple that absolutely everyone ought to have.

A spatula. The BuildTak spatula works really nicely due to the fact you can get it flat to the buildplate because of the angle the take care of is at, and it doesn’t have a certainly thick blade. A bed adhesive. Like I’ve stated previously, find what works satisfactory for you and stick with it.

Flush cutters. These are immensely useful for casting off aid material and makes a nice, clean cut when trimming filament before loading.

A brass brush. Soft ample to no longer mar your nozzle when it receives a satisfactory and thick coating of burnt filament.

Calipers. Absolutely indispensable when attempting to model components that have to in shape in unique places, or when you simply need an thinking of how large a model sincerely is.

Hex Key Set. When you need to open up your printer or bring together multi-part models, then you’ll need a variety of hex wrenches. You can get them first-rate cheap, however ball ended wrenches are great nice if you can find them.

  • Scrape Away From Yourself

This week, two unique people in the office have cut themselves on their printers. I’ve done it myself too, so do as I say and no longer as I’ve done: goal your spatula away from yourself. It may additionally not appear as sharp as a knife, however once that spatula slips, it’s thirsty for blood. Try to gently work up a corner of your print and slide the spatula beneath it. If it’s taking too an awful lot force, don’t pressure it by means of hand, at worst you can supply the handle a mild tap with the deal with of a screwdriver to try and get some wiggle room, however at least that way it’s a controlled use of force and you are a lot much less probable to slip.

We had been all novices at one point, and being terrible at something is the first step to being kind of proper at something. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you don’t recognize what’s going wrong. In conventional the 3D printing community is very open to helping newcomers, so here are some beneficial suggestions when searching for help

Be descriptive. Even if you don’t think it’s part of the problem, give an explanation for it anyway. It’s lots better to over inform than under, because perhaps that one putting that appears unimportant to you is actually the whole cause your print isn’t coming out right. Including what printer you have, any mods to it, the print settings, fabric and brand, bed adhesive, pics or video, some thing you can furnish will just higher inform anyone reading.

Use Reddit, boards for your printer, Google Plus groups, or somewhere relevant to ask for help.

Once you’ve figured out how to restoration what was once going wrong, be certain to file returned to your authentic thread and replace with what constant it. You might also stop up helping any one else who comes along with the precise same hassle and finds your thread when searching.

One of the best 3D printer machine – Ortur4 V2 10M PLA
  • Be a Knowledge Sponge

I don’t understand how many instances I examine something that wasn’t relevant to something I was doing or working on at the time, however later proved to be immensely beneficial in diagnosing a problem. The first-rate instance I have of that is I examine an article describing Z-banding and Z artifacts, which is the place there is a clear ribbing alongside the Z-axis of a print due to some irregularity in the Z-axis assembly. It described some of the motives behind Z-banding, how some customers attempt to solve this, and how to honestly fix it. Sure enough, a week later when I eventually fired up the printer I had been building, I noticed those same issues, and remembering that article I used to be capable to diagnose it down to the Z-axis lead screw now not being perpendicular to the guide rails.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Reprint

When I first started out printing, I treated prints like they have been well worth their weight in gold, even if they have been surprisingly horrific looking prints. Since I knew I used to be going to end them with sandpaper anyway, I didn’t idea it. But it’s clearly not that challenging or steeply-priced to reprint a part and try again. I’ve been printing 3D Phil in a variety of filaments, and sometimes I get a print that’s not terrible, but only okay. In that case, I throw them away. They take 35g of filament to print, or $1.07 to be exact, so it honestly would not price an awful lot to reprint him again and have a really extremely good looking print.

One of the best 3D printer machine – Ortur4 V2 10M PLA

Ortur4 V2 V1 Linear Guide Rail High Speed High Accuracy Solid Heavy Duty Business 3D Printer Machine – Ortur4 V2 10M PLA China

One of the best 3D printer machine choise: Ortur4 V2 V1 Linear Guide Rail High Speed High Accuracy Solid Heavy Duty Business 3D Printer Machine – Ortur4 V2 10M PLA China

You can BUY it on SALE NOW from GearBest by clicking HERE.

3D Printer Machine Features:

  1. Solid Heavy Duty FDM 3D Printer, with All Metal One-piece Structure
  2. Linear Guide Rails for All X Y Z axes, Much faster & More Precise than Standard Cartesian FDM 3D Printers.
  3. Upgraded Print Head, Easy to Maintain or Change the Spare Parts.
  4. Thermistor and Heating Element are Securely Screwed in.
  5. Large Cooling Fan Cools the Control Board
  6. Glossy Hotbed Cover, Very Easy for PLA to Stick on or Remove
  7. Specialized Wiring Harness for Hotbed Makes Sure NO Short Circuit.
  8. Cable Carrier Chain for Superior Cable Management
  9. 24V Power Supply for Better Heating and Motor Performance
  10. Built-in Fuse to Prevent Current Overload
  11. Latest Marlin2.0 Firmware, More powerful and GPL compliant.
  12. Auto-Bed-Leveling + Z Offset, Even A Warped Bed Can be Easily Printed on
  13. Thermal Runaway Protection
  14. Filament Run Out Sensor
  15. Resume Print

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One of the best 3D printer machine – Ortur4 V2 10M PLA

Don’t miss your chance! Of course, if you have another 3D printer suggestion for BOProfit users, share it in comments. Thanks!