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How to Create and Verify HighLow Account?

  • Open registration form by clicking HERE.
  • Click “Sign up”

HighLow Sign Up Process 1 Step by BOProfit

  • Fill all fields:

– Choose your country

– Write your first and last names

– Write your valid email address

– Write your strong secret password

  • and click “NEXT: FINISH PROFILE”

HighLow Sign Up Process 2 Step by BOProfit

  • Next form is very important because you need to fill information about your address and DoB. DO NOT MAKE ANY MISTAKES HERE. Check everything few times. Fill all required fields:

– Write your street address (with apartment number)

– Write your city name

– Choose state / province

– Write your postcode (if you do not know it you can find it in search engines by your street address)

– Write your date of birth (DoB) (day/month/year)

– Optional field is your Mobile number

– Then mark checkbox “I have read the legal documents and I fully understand, accept, and agree with them” – of course, don’t forget to read this before.


HighLow Sign Up Process 3 Step by BOProfit

Final step is documents verification part. You need to upload two documents: Photo ID and Secondary ID. Photo ID could be your valid passport, driver’s license, government-issued photo id. Secondary ID could be your (less than 3 months old) bank statement, water, electricity, utility, phone or internet bill.

  • To initiate documents upload you need to drag and drop your files or click “or select from your computer/device”. Then choose files (both sizes of both documents. It means 4 files)

HighLow Sign Up Process 2 Step by BOProfit

After successful documents upload you will see green checks


HighLow Sign Up Process 5 Step by BOProfit

After that you just need to wait while your account will be verified. You will receive an email with notification. Verification process takes from few hours to 2 business days. If you fill all right information and send good documents you will receive email like this

HighLow Sign Up Process 6 Step by BOProfit

Congrats! Now you have VERIFIED HIGH LOW ACCOUNT! Now you need to deposit money and start trading. How to be successful binary options trader? Read more BOProfit posts and we will teach you!

Next toppics comming soon:

HighLow deposit methods, HighLow withdraw methods, HighLow limits, HighLow Trading and much more…

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