How to Get Profit in Binary Options 15 Minutes Orders?

People who want to get profit from Binary Options don’t need to analyze market or spend a lot of time for technical and fundamental analysis. Left this job for professionals. BOProfit suggest tested strategy “BOProfit15M”! Strategy accuracy 70%! But if you want to get 70% accuracy before trading spend 30-50 mins and check “does strategy works good”. If there are not 3 losses in a row you can use it for next 10 signals. Yes! You got a signal which will inform you for order opening. So, you just need to wait for signals and BUY or SELL in HighLow.

  • Strategy: BOProfit15M
  • Asset: GBPUSD
  • Chart: 5 Minutes
  • Order closing time: 15 Minutes
  • Success ratio: 7/10


You need to have MetaTrader4 program from any broker. Just Google for “Metatrader 4” and download. MT4 is free platform. MetaTrader 4 download

Connect to REAL or DEMO server. How to connect to DEMO server?

  • Click “FILE > Open Trade Account”
  • Choose Trading server
  • Click NEXT
  • Choose “New demo account”
  • Click NEXT
  • Fill required fields: name, e-mail, account type, choose any deposit and any leverage – these settings will not affect BOProfit15M strategy.
  • Click NEXT and FINISH.

BOProfit15M Indicator Setup

Download indicator: BOProfit15M (click HERE TO START DOWNLOAD) and save it to your computer. Now you must insert BOProfit15M indicator to your indicators list. How to insert indicator to MetaTrader 4 indicators?  Step by step guide:

  • Open Metatrader 4 platform
  • Open MetaQuotes Language Editor by clicking this button (or push F4) MetaQuotes Language Editor

  • In “Navigator” window click mouse right on “Indicators” folder and choose “Open folder” Open Indicators folder

  • Drag and drop or copy and paste file “BOProfit15M.mt4” to “Indicators” folder.

Now you need to restart MetaTrader 4, so please restart it: close MetaQuotes  window, close MetaTrader and turn on it again. After this you will see new indicator in your MetaTrader 4 indicators list. You can see BOProfit15M indicator it here: Insert > Indicators > Custom.

Now you have to add BOProfit15M indicator to current chart. How to insert indicator to Metatrader 4 chart?

Firstly open GBPUSD chart window (of course, you can use different currency chart, but BOProfit15M strategy tested in GBPUSD chart. So, id you will decide to use other currency chart be careful and test without real trading in HighLow).

Secondly, choose correct time frame. For BOProfit15M strategy you must use 5M time frame chart. You can use other time frames for other strategies but if you want to get profit in binary options by using BOProfit15M strategy – use 5 minutes chart.

Thirdly, insert BOProfit15M indicator to GBPUSD 5 mins chart by clicking “Insert > Indicators > Custom > BOProfit15M“. Don’t change any settings and click “OK”. Congrats! BOProfit15M successfully added!

How BOProfit15M Strategy Works?

BOProfit15M strategy is full automatically. It makes technical analysis of market and gives to you 2 types of signal:

  • SELL SIGNAL – Red down arrow
  • BUY SIGNAL – Blue up arrow

BOProfit15M SELL BUY arrows

Arrows shows when you have to be ready to open order but for your convenience BOProfit15M send sound alert for you! For this reason, you don’t need to watch the market all the time. You can do what you want and when you have to be ready to open trade you will get sound alert. Every alerts are shown in pop-up alerts window:

BOProfit15M MT4 Alert

When exactly do you need to open order?

Very important! Open order on next candle after signal. What does it mean? Here is example bellow. You got BUY SIGNAL, then need to wait for next candle. When appears next candle (every 5 mins) you have to open Order in HighLow account for 15 mins expire. It means for 3 next candles after signal.

BOProfit15M Open CLose

Use BOProfit15M in HighLow

BOProfit15M strategy focuses not to forex trading but it concentrates to binary options trading. We recommend to use HighLow broker (more information about HighLow here. More information about HighLow bonuses for new users here). So, how to get profit in HighLow using BOProfit15M strategy?

  • Open trading window
  • Choose GBPUSD asset
  • Choose HighLow 15 MIN
  • Write your trade amount
  • Wait for BOProfit15M alert
  • When you will get BOProfit15M BUY or SELL signal and on next candle open HighLow order by clicking HIGH for BUY order or LOW for SELL order and click INVEST.

That’s all! Wait 15 minutes and receive your profit!

BOProfit15M HighLow

Good luck friends! If you have any questions contact us here. We will answer all questions to all clients who are registered via

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  1. Thanks for the BOProfit15M strategy. It really works. I am using it on trading in highlow and iqoptions. Both ways goes profitable.

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